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What to Do If You Lock Your Keys in Your Car

Most modern cars come with a key fob so you can lock and unlock your car remotely. This should, in theory, make it almost impossible to lock your keys in the car although it’s still a frequent occurrence. These types of incidents almost always occur at the most inconvenient of times. It pays to be […]

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What Type of Car Key do I have?

We all tend to rely on our cars and their unavailability can cause serious mobility problems that lead to missed appointments and other consequences. Whilst this unavailability can be due to faults with the car, it may also be because of a missing or damaged key. If you haven’t a spare, you need a replacement […]

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Replacement prox keys Land Rover Range Rover from scratch

Land Rover Replacement Proximity Keys Update

Land Rover and Jaguar vehicles have some of the highest security features around – particularly those made from 2013/14 onwards. Programming replacement proximity keys from scratch is a challenge, but we are excited to say we can now help with replacement Land Rover proximity keys for all the newest models. We are now able to […]

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Volkswagen Golf Hatch 2006 ignition with trim removed

Volkswagen Ignition Problem

What to do when your key stops turning We frequently get calls about broken and faulty ignitions on Volkswagen vehicles. Well, we have good news – this is a fixable problem! People are often told this problem cannot be fixed outside the VW Dealership, and until recently that was the case. But our talented locksmiths […]

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Replacing Motorcycle Keys from scratch

Making motorcycle lost key replacement when all keys are missing, lost or stolen can be a lengthy process. If your bike has an immobiliser or Engine Control Unit (ECU), physical access the ECU is needed to obtain the data required to program your new keys to the bike. Many bikes made in the last 10-15 […]

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Ford Falcon Ignition Problems

Ignition issues with the Ford Falcon and Ford Territory are a common problem we see with vehicles manufactured between 2002 and 2008. The problem often presents as a lack of the elastic-like resistance usually felt when turning on a car ignition. The car does not start and no lights turn on when the Accessories notch […]

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Land Rover Smart Keys

Another exciting announcement – Northside Car Keys Brisbane can now program replacement keys for Land Rover vehicles. This is great news for our Brisbane Land Rover drivers! We can now offer an alternative to paying top dollar at the dealership. Due to the release of new technology, we can now program Land Rover smart keys […]

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Smart Keys

What are smart keys and how are they different from regular car keys? Smart keys are known by several different names, mainly: Proximity keys or ‘prox’ keys Push-to-start keys Keyless entry Remote keyless entry Keyless access Smart fob Push button start Intelligent keys These all refer to the same technology that allows the key to […]

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Ford Falcon & Ford Territory Replacement Keys

Northside Car Keys are excited to announce we are now able to make replacement keys for the latest models of Ford Falcon and Ford Territory where all keys have been lost. Yes – this includes: Ford Falcon FG MKII Series (2011-2014) Ford Falcon FG X Series (2014-2016) Ford Territory SZ MKI (2011-2014) Ford Territory SZ […]

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Automotive Locksmiths

Welcome to the Northside Car Keys news page. Here we will post articles on topics in automotive locksmithing. We aim to answer your questions about car security, explain common issues that occur with car keys, ignitions and car door keys. We will also discuss and review new products and developments in automotive security. We will […]

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